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Are you tired of discomfort and itching in “that” area? I was. My story

I know what you feel, because I was in this same situation two years ago. I am a normal 43-year-old woman and as we normally do we never think that something like this could happen to us.

I have a nice family and home, two children and I`m not overweight … ok,  I used to be after giving birth to my children, but with proper training I got rid of it … at least most of it.

I`m not sure when it all began, but a while ago I started to get this uncomfortable feeling from time to time. I had never heard of hemorrhoids or Anal fissures at that time, so I didn’t even think that I could have something like this. It all began with this itching feeling and with slight pain during bowels and while sitting on the toilet.

If you have children then you know that sitting on the toilet is your personal time, you can just relax and read a book or magazine or scroll down your Facebook feed. So, I used to sit long times there: 15-20 minutes sometimes 😉

Later looking back, I know this was not the best thing for avoiding getting hemorrhoids.

First, it was just discomfort

But let`s continue with my story. First, it was just some discomfort, but I could feel it all the time, not just while I was on the toilet. It was while I was sitting at work, walking – basically all the time.

And it also got more worse and worse over the time, at some point it started to hurt while wiping and then I started to think that something might be wrong. But as lazy as we are I didn’t do anything, and I continued the same routine as always.

If I had all the knowledge back then, I would have acted immediately and stopped before it all got worse.
But I wasn`t doing anything besides just hoping that it will all go away, but of course, it didn’t and it got even worse. Eventually, it started bleeding while whipping and then I panicked.

I really didn’t know what to do – bleeding hemorrhoids or anal fissures is not really something you would like to go and show to someone and ask for advice. So, I started to search for solutions on the web based on my symptoms.

Mixed information available

I did find out quite quickly that I might have bleeding hemorrhoids. The main info I found had described the symptoms, causes and mostly suggested visiting your doctor, but I really didn’t want to do that … for various reasons.

Based on the mixed info I read over the web I suspected different caused for my hemorrhoids and I was not sure what should I change or apply. I saw some progress while cutting my time on the toilet to avoid straining, but it was still quite bad and progress very sow.

I read about various treatment solutions and methods and I bought even one hemorrhoids cream from a local pharmacy, but it did not get better.

What are the alternatives

I have always been a big fan of natural products and remedies and I like to use everything that is natural. Therefore, I didn’t like the idea of using pills or even going to surgery. And I started to research what home remedies can be used.

I applied some home remedies, I’m sure they work, but they take time and I did not have all the ingredients available all the time. Also, I didn’t have the time to experiment – especially with hurting and bleeding hemorrhoids.

For years, I have been using natural face oil and I also used stretch marks oil during my pregnancy from a company named Amoils. They provide simple, but trustworthy natural formulas that are produced here in the states.

I had been visiting their site for years, but I didn’t know that they had also special oils for Hemorrhoids. Surprisingly one day I found hemorrhoid oils in their listing – after trying the cream I didn’t have much faith it would work, but as I liked their other products I gave it a shot.

The options

They have actually three different oils. One for Anal Fissures, then one for Hemorrhoids and one for bleeding hemorrhoids. Bleeding hemorrhoids is a more severe state and there you have to apply first the Bleeding hemorrhoids oil until it stops bleeding and then continue with Hemorrhoids oil to cure it.

In my situation, I had to order them both. The oils arrived quickly, and I started to apply them according to the given instruction.

The first week I didn’t see much progress, but then it started to improve fast. After the second week I got rid of the bleeding and then I continued with regular hemorrhoids oil. I also avoided all the main wrong behavioral activities that could worsen hemorrhoids and this way I have been able to get rid of them. It did not happen overnight, but it improved every day.

Since then 2 years have gone by and I have managed to stay hemorrhoids free. I have bought some extra bottles and I still apply the oil regularly as I really do not want to get them back. Hemorrhoids are something that develop over time and they are basically a damage to your skin. Therefore, it takes also time and support to your skin to stay Hemorrhoids free.

If you are also searching for a solution, then I would advise to go to Amoils homepage and read all the reviews. It really does work great and they have proven it over the years and also with a 90-day money back guarantee. This is enough time to see and test the effect.

So I advise you to go read here -> Amoils

  • These oils are 100% natural and gentle on the skin
  • They contain highest quality ingredients
  • They are FDA listed and manufactured in the USA
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

As strange as it sounds, after curing my hemorrhoids we started this webpage to publish all the information I gathered during my reserch while I was looking for a solution for my hemorrhoids problem. I have put together different articles about the causes, symptoms and treatment methods.

It’s a lot of content to consume, to make it easier to follow and learn we have also put together a 5-day free e-mail course that covers all the main steps to heal your hemorrhoids.

By Heal Your Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are and can be very painful and annoying. Therefore we have dedicated our site to help people to find the reasons why they have got hemorrhoids and how they can find a solution for curing Hemorrhoids in the fastest and most convenient way!

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