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There are a lot of different treatment options for hemorrhoids. If you want a solution that is long lasting and supports your general health we believe that it has to be natural. Therefore we will cover in this article how to choose the correct Natural Hemorrhoids treatment oil and how to use hemorrhoids oils so that you get the best possible result.

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids also referred to as piles are engorged blood vessels in the lower rectum or anus or both. Signs and symptoms that may suggest that you have hemorrhoids include anal pain while pushing bowel, drops of blood on the toilet paper or in the stool, and lastly piles/lumps that protrude on the anus. These symptoms can differ depending on the stage and severity of your condition.

Hemorrhoids are thought to results from excessive straining activity that exerts a lot of pressure on the sphincter muscles of the anus thereby weakening the anal blood vessels. Such include; pregnancy, lifting or pushing weight, passing hard stool, and lastly but not least sitting or standing for long periods. You can read more about the different causes here:

If hemorrhoids are left untreated for long, they can progress to thrombosed hemorrhoids and anal fissures. At this stage, it can be very long lasting expensive to treat both time and money wise as they may even need surgery. Therefore its up to us do the utmost to avoid this situation and apply treatment. Besides all self-help methods, there are available top quality and proven natural oils that support treatment.

Amoil’s hemorrhoids relief oils: effective natural treatment for hemorrhoids

As also mentioned earlier there are different stages of Hemorrhoids and depending on that you need to apply also a different approach. Our partner Amoils has developed and provided over the years top class Hemorrhoids oils that have helped people with hemorrhoids to cure and solve the issue.

Amoils natural Hemorrhoids treatment products include the following:

  • H-Hemorrhoids  formula
  • H-BL Hemorrhoids  formula
  • H-Fissure Formula

Based on your condition you need to choose the right oils for you and apply them in the correct order.

How to determine the right hemorrhoids formula oil for you and how to use hemorrhoids oils?

If you suspect that you have hemorrhoids from the symptoms mentioned earlier, it’s very pertinent that you pay close attention to the changes happening in your body. This will assist you to determine which hemorrhoids formula products to use since each Amoils Hemorrhoids formula oil is meant for a specific condition. If you will be able to correctly identify your condition, you will know what exactly to use which will come along with helping fast recovery. We are going to have a brief overview of how each product is best suited to treat different hemorrhoids conditions.

H-Hemorrhoids formula oil

This oil is specially made for the treatment of all types of hemorrhoids i.e. internal and external (thrombosed) hemorrhoids. H-Hemorrhoids formula oil contains; essential oil blend, Aesculus hippocastanum, Corylus avellana, and Collinsonia Canadensis. These ingredients are plant extracts that have been carefully picked and specially formulated to provide instant pain relief and burning sensations associated with hemorrhoids. H-Hemorrhoids formula oil achieves this by preventing further inflammation and shrinking engorged blood vessels thereby promoting natural recovery. To use this ointment, apply at least 2 drops on the anal-rectum 3 times a day. This oil should be used together with H-Bl Hemorrhoids formula if there is any bleeding where the latter is applied first to stop bleeding.

When to use H-Hemorrhoids oil?

This product should be used in the treatment of all types of hemorrhoids s i.e. internal and thrombosed hemorrhoids. In addition, you may have to combine this treatment with other Amoils hemorrhoids relief’ oils depending on your condition. For instance, if you have anal fissures, you can combine this formula together with H-fissure oil which will help to soothe pain and enhance healing of injured anal tissues.

Action to take
If you do not have bleeding or Anal fissures, but you experience Hemorrhoids symptoms then this is the correct choice for you.

H-Hemorrhoids Formula Oil
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H-BL Hemorrhoids formula

Where there is anal bleeding that is associated with hemorrhoids, H-BL Hemorrhoids formula should be applied first before other Amoils natural hemorrhoids relief oils in order to control bleeding. Studies show that bleeding is very common in internal hemorrhoids as opposed to external hemorrhoids where bleeding rarely occurs. However, it is important to take note of the fact that there are also other causes of anal bleeding that may contraindicate hemorrhoids. Examples include; cancer of the rectum or anus, stomach ulcers, anal fissures just to mention a few.

Therefore, if you see blood on stool or tissue it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have hemorrhoids. However, you can also tell whether the blood is related to hemorrhoids by looking at its appearance and other sings/symptoms earlier discussed. Usually, the blood will appear brightly red in bleeding hemorrhoids.

If you notice this, you should H-BL Hemorrhoids bleeding formula oil in order to manage to bleed. However, if bleeding doesn’t subside within the first few days of the week, it is important that you consult your physician who will then conduct several tests to ascertain whether there is an underlying factor that is causing the bleeding.

How long will it take H-BL Hemorrhoids formula oils to completely stop bleeding?

You should be able to see a reduction in bleeding already within the first few days of use and bleeding should stop completely in about 2 weeks. However, this duration can be longer or shorter depending on your condition.

Action to take
This is the first oil that you will need to use if you have already bleeding hemorrhoids. Important is to note that it has to be always used together with H-Hemorrhoids oil. After bleeding is cured you need to apply standard oil for hemorrhoids treatment. H-BL hemorrhoids oils It is to be found on the H-Hemorrhoids oil page when you scroll down – click here to see it.

H-BL Hemorrhoids Formula Oil
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H-Fissure formula oil

Anal fissures is yet another condition that is usually identified with hemorrhoids and occurs when Hemorrhoids stay for long without proper treatment. Persistent constipation is the main cause of this condition since it leads to hardening of stool that stretches the anal lining thereby causing the anal tissue to expand and tear. The longer you delay to seek treatment whenever you experience hemorrhoids signs during the initial stages, the higher the risks of developing anal fissures.

In the mention of the above, therefore, it is very important to seek early treatment and also eat foods that are rich in fiber to help with digestion since continuous delay will cause the fissure to deepen further to an extent of reaching the anal sphincter muscles. If this is to continue, you will be left with surgery as the only treatment alternative which is not only expensive but can also bring more harm to nerves and other tissues.

How H-Fissure formula works?

So far so good Amoils H-fissure formula oil is the best natural oil that is used in the treatment of anal fissures. The active ingredients that are used to make this special formula include; Calendula Officinalis and Chamomilla. These ingredients are excellent analgesics and also have antibacterial properties that help to kill germs thereby reducing sores and promoting recovery.

Action to take
If you have identified that you have Anal fissures this is the choice for you. Use it until you treated Fissures and then continue treatment with standard H-Hemorrhoids oil.

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How to use natural Amoils hemorrhoids relief oils?

Amoil hemorrhoids relief oils are specially made for all types of hemorrhoids. To use these ointments, apply 2 to 3 drops of appropriate relief oil directly to the injury using a cotton swab or a clean finger. In some instances, you may have to combine these hemorrhoids regimen for fast effective results. For example, if you have anal fissures that are accompanied by bleeding, H-Bl Hemorrhoid formula should be used together with H-fissure formula. However, Amoils’ bleeding formula (H-BL Hemorrhoids formula oil) should be applied first to the injury to control bleeding then followed by the fissure formula oil that will serve to heal the fissures.

What makes natural Amoil hemorrhoids formula oils efficient in treating hemorrhoids?

Highly effective
Hemorrhoids s formula oils deliver quick and effective results. In addition, these products are very effective in reversing hemorrhoids symptoms which means the hemorrhoids will not progress to a state where surgery may be needed.

They are all natural
As compared to other hemorrhoids treatment products, Amoil hemorrhoids formula oils are natural plants extracts and they don’t contain any artificial additives. This makes them safe to use on almost all types of skin without causing skins reactions or allergies.

FDA approved
All Amoils hemorrhoids oil are approved by the US Foods, Drugs, and Administration as a fit treatment for hemorrhoids. This means that all ingredients used have been tested and verified as fit and safe for treatment of hemorrhoids.

90 days money back guarantee
Natural hemorrhoids formula oil by Amoil takes its clients’ needs seriously by giving them a satisfaction guarantee of 90 days. This means that you can ask for a full refund of the amount spent in case the product doesn’t meet your expectations. This is quite the opposite with most other vendors who are out in the market to make money at the expense of customer suffering.

Why should you trust natural hemorrhoids relief oils in the treatment of hemorrhoids to other products?

No side effects
Natural Hemorrhoids relief oils are not associated with any side effects. This is very common with other hemorrhoids drugs that are likely to cause some people to develop skin allergies such as itchy skin, rashes, pimples, and spots appearance among others. Furthermore, natural hemorrhoids relief oils don’t leave any traces of compounds on the skins that would otherwise be absorbed and bring more harm to the vital body organs.

It’s safe for all people
The use of hemorrhoids relief oils cuts across the board which means these products are safe to use in all groups of people such as pregnant women, lactating mothers, the elderly and young.

Concentrated extracts
The beneficial ingredients are concentrated in each hemorrhoids formula oil. This makes these products not only effective but also the best value for money where you only need to apply a drop or two on the injury. For instance, the 11ml bottle can generate about 120 drops; for instance, if you apply 2 drops 3 times a day, this will last you for almost a month.

Rich healing beneficial properties
Hemorrhoids relief oil are used in the treatment of both chronic and acute hemorrhoids. Moreover, all active/inactive ingredients and essential oils have been carefully studied for so long and have proven to be highly effective in treating the various condition of hemorrhoids.

Here you can find the right oil for you:

For even the occassional bleeding, the bleeding symptoms must be treated first using H-Bl Hemorrhoids Formula.
Treat Hemorrhoids & Bleeding Hemorrhoids Symptoms Naturally
Anal fissure treatment

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