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How to use sitz bath during hemorrhoids?

Do you feel discomfort, itching or pain in the lower part of your body? This is caused by one or several of these issues like hemorrhoids (also called piles), anal fissures, infections of the bladder, prostate or vagina. To solve it a well-proven way is to use the sitz bath. But how to use sitz bath?

Sitting in the sitz bath, water up to the hips keeps the affected area clean and increases the flow of blood to needed area. In the following article, we will describe how to use the sitz bath to relive hemorrhoids or the other mentioned issues.

What is a sitz bath?

Its a type of bath where only the hips and buttocks are soaked in water or saline water. This name sitz comes from the German verb „sitzen“ meaning „to sit“.

Benefits of using sitz bath

Warm baths are relaxing and have a calming effect. You can do this home remedy at your home at the best suitable time. It eases discomfort from different infections and eases the pain of hemorrhoids.

  • Sitz bath for an itchy anus: A sitz bath can help relieve the itch by gaining access to areas you can’t and relieve inflammation, swelling and burning sensations.
  • Sitz bath to soothe hemorrhoids: Hemorrhoids are very irritating, uncomfortable and can be difficult to treat. One of the easiest ways you can work to heal symptoms like bleeding, pain and itching soak area in a soothing sitz bath. Sitz baths make you feel more comfortable and provide relief from irritation and pain. A sitz bath for hemorrhoids can also help relieve inflammation and shrink the hemorrhoids as well.
  • Sitz bath for women lately given childbirth: it is a very useful form of relief for women who’ve recently given birth. It is common that women have stitches, feel discomfort and pain after delivery. A sitz bath will help to aid in recovery and relieve pain following the procedure. Taking a sitz bath a few times per day will speed up the recovery and help soothe pain in the area.
  • Sitz bath for urinary retention: A warm water bath will also help to relax the urethra and sphincter to encourage the easier flow of urine.

How to use sitz bath during hemorrhoids?

To use it simply fill the bath with some water and sit in it for a few minutes. There are also several special devices that fit into toilet bowls and makes the procedure much easier.

Here you can find step by step instruction how to use sitz bath:

  • Fill the sitz bath with warm water. The temperature of the water may either be warm or cool, or alternating between the two. Remember that the water temperature will feel cooler to your hands than it will to the rest of the body. Warm baths are recommended for reducing the itching, pain and discomfort associated with conditions such as hemorrhoids and genital problems. Cool sitz baths are said to be helpful in easing constipation, inflammation and vaginal discharge, and, in cases of fecal or urinary incontinence, in toning the muscles.
  • Add salt if you fill the tub. Usually, it is one or two cups per bath. You will find salt cup in a bag of salt.
  • Swish the salt around with your hand until it’s completely dissolved in the water. You don’t want to feel any graininess from the salt at the bottom of your tub. The salt will be most effective when it is dissolved.
  • Get in the tub, and ensure the affected area is entirely submerged. This will provide relief.
  • Sat in for 15–20 minutes or until the water cools down.
  • People find that alternating three to five times between a hot bath for 3–4 minutes and an ice-cold bath for 30–60 seconds is soothing.
  • Use a towel to pat yourself dry. But letting the affected area air dry is your best bet at limiting irritation in the area. If you don’t have time to air dry, using a hair dryer on low power is an effective way to dry the area.
  • Wash your sitz bath after each use and dry it thoroughly.
  • You could bath three to four times per day until your symptoms begin to improve.

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Side effects

Sitz baths are considered very low risk. Because hot baths cause blood vessels to dilate, on rare occasions some people can feel dizzy or have palpitations (rapid or abnormal heartbeat).


Swelling goes down; discomfort is eased and healing is promoted.

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